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IT Security Explained: Protect Your Websites for Customer’s Sake!

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Have you set up a company and launched your new website to represent your brand and connect with customers? Have you recently decided to upgrade your existing site with new content and functionality? Perhaps you’ve added an online store or given your customers the ability to access their records or transactions with your Buisness. Not30

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Ashley Madison

The Case of Ashley Madison and the Dark Room.

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A Blog Noir by Vigne Kozacek and Gary Sharpe. The scene: a room in near darkness. A figure, seated, visible only by the glare of computer screens. He sits forward, intensely observing the dark web’s data streams. He already knows from the patterns of activity that something big is about to go down. He is30

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The Ashley Madison Affair

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Here is a topical one. The Ashley Madison data dump is all over the news (an almost inevitable event), but beware and be warned – because this is only the start of this story in terms of IT Security risks. Other things are stirring in the darkness… Many people, either out of curiosity or out30

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Personal IT Security

“Two Step Authentication” What it is and Why You Need It.

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In two decades plus as an IT security expert, it has been apparent to me that when technical people begin to explain IT security issues to business executives, glazed expressions sweep through the room like a Mexican wave if technical terms are used. So the purpose of this “IT Security Explained” series, which began with30

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IT Security Explained: Phishing.

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  In this, my new series of blog posts, it is my aim to make IT Security issues accessible to all. A kind of “…. For Dummies” series. I hope these are useful and that they will be helpful to business users in particular. We begin with “Phishing”. Phishing is a term which is a30

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