Business IT Security

Bespoke Business IT Security Services and Customer Data Protection

You have set up your company website and/or updated it with the latest features, are you protecting the information that you are collecting from your customers, you have a legal obligation to protect it. So far we have identified serious security gaps with every single customer we have worked with. We offer a bespoke service tailored to your Business needs, one size does not fit all and does not have to cost the earth. If you are serious about your legal commitments to protect your customers information then we can help.

Unique Personal Service for Company Directors and Executives

Slide5Innovation Squad employs its vast experience in IT Security to provide this bespoke and totally confidential service for business leaders. We begin by assessing all your devices, from mobile phones, tablets and PCs and probe them for all and any security gaps.  We record these gaps in a report and close them as they are discovered, to ensure your data is secure. We provide a complete list of issues identified, whether these are fully resolved or if not, provide independent advice on your best options for next steps. We also provide further training sessions as well as retainer and management service contracts to help you manage your ongoing Personal, Business and long-term IT Security.

Your Personal Data Security is Our Highest Priority

insqdAs a High Profile Individual, it needs to be yours too. We identify current security gaps and secure your personal information across all of your devices. We also provide training through demonstrating the security gaps found to arm you with a better understanding of the risks and without all the techno babble and jargon. Don’t let yourself become a victim of your own success, the higher your profile, the higher the probability of being targeted for cyber-attacks. Innovation Squad can and will help you significantly reduce the risks of your personal devices being hacked.  All enquiries are kept in the strictest confidence with our utmost discretion is guaranteed.

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Why You Need to Secure Your Information Today

Slide6Internet and computer related security is a major concern for everyone in this digital age. If you are not thinking about securing your information against technological threats, then we advise you really should be. High profile people are much more prone to being individually targeted rather than just the victims of random cyber-attacks.  From Company Directors to Celebrities, the higher your profile the greater the risk of you being targeted.

Businesses and high-profile board members are targeted on a daily basis and many are shocked when we start our investigations and we show them just how frequently their defenses are being probed and breached. Serious attacks are covertly carried out for purposes ranging from competitor advantage, discrediting the opposition, blackmail, financial gain or even for ammunition for divorce cases, to name just a few.

The information you need to protect

insqd2Information is one of the biggest assets of any business. Often, sensitive data is also stored on the personal devices of Executives, including: personal and business documents, contacts, online banking details, photos and videos, email accounts, utilities accounts, social media details, personal and business diaries, personal identity data, medical information, to name just a few. If you have not taken steps to secure this information, then you are at high risk as a high profile individual.

Who We Are

Innovation Squad Ltd is an organisation founded by Vigne Kozacek an IT Security Professional with over 20 years’ experience in securing personal and company data assets valued at billions of pounds. Having already worked for FTSE 100 Companies and for Company Directors around the World, we have the experience to ensure that you are protected to the highest standard. We understand that your data is highly confidential and offer an unlimited confidentiality agreement with all the work we do. We offer a premium quality bespoke service to assist you with all your personal information security needs. Don’t allow yourself to become another statistic.